2nd March – School Open

The school will be open again today.  Please remember that it is a non uniform day (in celebration of World Book Day) so wrap up warm for some icy outdoor play!

There is snow forecast through the day so we will monitor the situation and get in touch via the blogs, email and facebook if we decide to close the school early.


Space station in Foxes class

We have enjoyed a creative morning making a space station role play area for the classroom. We have a control panel, log books which contain rules for the astronauts, things for the astronauts so they do not get bored, a jet pack, remotes and a range of electrical circuits ranging from bulbs that light up to be stars and a spinning motor that acts as air conditioning!!

Here are a few pictures

1st March

Please see below an email that was emailed out to all parents this afternoon.

Dear Families

Snow forecast tomorrow

There is a risk that adverse weather conditions will make it difficult to open the school tomorrow.   Whilst I know that a firm decision about whether we’re opening or not might be preferable for some of you, I am reluctant to make an announcement until I can see the latest forecasts and assess the site.

With all of that in mind, I suggest that families:

a) make a contingency plan for the scenario where we announce by 7.15 that the school is closed,


b) make a further contingency plan for the scenario where we open in the morning but later find that the weather is worse than forecast.  In this scenario we would announce an early closure by email in order to get everyone home safely.

All of that said, if you feel that your personal circumstances are such that it is either unsafe to travel from your home or too difficult to make alternative arrangements at such short notice, I will be happy to authorise absence on this basis.  If you do decide to keep your child at home please ring or email the office first thing in the morning in the normal way.

If your child is coming to school tomorrow please be sure to send them with warm and weather-proof clothing.  Ideally they will have boots for outdoor play as well as coats, hats and gloves.  We won’t send children out in sub zero conditions if we think they’re not sufficiently well wrapped up.

World Book Day

Although tomorrow is the official world book day you will have seen from previous emails that we are not marking the day until Friday.  If, as a result of continued bad weather the school is closed on Friday, we will reschedule this for Monday.

Many thanks for your patience with all of this


School trip

I have just been informed that many of you did not receive an email that was sent to you yesterday regarding the school trip. I am sorry if this is the case. I will look into it tomorrow. Here is a copy of the email:
Dear Parents
After much deliberation we have decided to cancel Thursday trip due to the forecasted bad weather. For those of you that have been to the Science centre before you will also know how cold it can be! For these reasons we feel it would be in the childrens’ interest to move this trip to the first week of the summer term, Thursday the 19th April.
A letter will be sent out to you later this term with more information,
Thank you for your understanding.
I have also updated my blog about school opening tomorrow.

28th February

Now that the road outside the school is clear and there is no further forecast for heavy snow we are confident that it will be possible to open as normal tomorrow (28th Feb).  If the weather changes, however, we will make a further announcement by 7.15 tomorrow morning.
The road and paths may well be icy in the morning so if you feel the need to make your journey a little later we will be happy for children to arrive any time up until 10am.