Home learning

Friday 5th October

28th September – If your child wanted to make a food donation, the homeless charity is in Brighton and called ‘Off the Fence’. The kinds of things that they say would be especially appreciated are:

Milk (UHT), Sugar; long life juices, tins of beans, soup, vegetables, spaghetti; pasta sauces; tinned sponge pudding, rice pudding or fruit; tea bags, coffee; packet mashed potato; rice; dried pasta; tinned meat or fish; jars of jam, marmalade; biscuits; toiletries (no sprays please); toilet rolls; towels, blankets or washing tablets.

27th September- Our Harvest Festival is on Wednesday and we have asked the children to make some kind of offering. If the children would like to make a food donation then can they please find some kind of a recycled box that would be more in keeping (than a plastic bag) with a desire to respect and look after nature.  Children could then decorate or make additions to the box in any way they like whilst ensuring that the box remains recyclable. If children don’t wish to bring in a food donation, we would like them to make an offering in the form of a poem, a prayer or a picture.  If anyone is especially keen they could do both or combine the two ideas in some kind of an imaginative way!  There will be no other homework set this weekend.

The library is really taking shape, and the children are keen to go and choose new books which is great. It would be lovely if the children could bring in photos of them reading at home, or somewhere more unusual for a library display.

25th September – I have been very impressed with the classes enthusiasm regarding their homework this week. Each child has been keen to stand up and share (their choice and at their request). It has been great to see such a range of homework as the children interpreted the task in different ways.  Some children made as many different numbers and combinations as possible with their number plates, whereas others used different number operations to make smaller or higher numbers. Some even bought in number plates for the class to see. The class took the lead and asked to order the plates. IMG_9491[1]


Friday 21st September Maths Homework

Tonight the class are coming home with their first piece of home learning. I have spoken to the class and they seem to fully understand the task. For those of you that attended my ‘parent meeting’ you will know that there is no need to make recordings. The children can take pictures, come into class and talk to me about what they have found out or choose to record if they wish. I would just like the children to be talking about Maths in day to day life rather than having a boring worksheet to complete as this does not reflect the way the class are taught in school.