I just thought I would update you all with the wonderful phonics we been doing  this week.

I started by introducing the following sounds on the board: ea ee ou ay

The class decided it would be best if we had a display with these sounds on for them to see all week.

Harry  realised straight away that the words ‘see’ and ‘tea’ were in our class text ‘The tiger who came to tea’.

As words have been found we have displayed them around the phonic display. On day 2, Josie shared a book that had the word ‘fairies’ in the title. We discovered that the ‘ee’ sound could actually be made by ‘ie’. This was very exciting because we realised that many names in the class had this spelling e.g. Josie, Millie, Ollie, Mazie, Charlie etc As the week has progressed we found other letters that made the ‘ee’ sound e.g. ‘y’ on its own, as in ‘story’, ‘fairy’ and ‘pony’.

We have also discovered that some words do not follow the same rules e.g. ‘Great’ ‘bought’, ‘you’. George found the words ‘me’ and ‘he’ in our class book and these only had one ‘e’. All these words are spelt using our sounds but do not have the same sound when read.  Whilst Mazie was out one evening she saw the name ‘Michael Jackson’ and noticed that the ‘ae’ in his name were swapped around.

It has been great to see how enthusiastic and excited the children are about phonics.

Through our class texts we have also learnt about apostrophes, compound words and speech marks.

Teddy found the word ‘leafcutter’ when sharing a non-fiction book. Millie found ‘Sunday’ and Freddie discovered ‘teapot’.

Not only are the children recognising these words/punctuation  in their books, some have started to use them in their writing.



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