Hiding for James

The class wanted to surprise James today so creatively found hiding places around the classroom. James had the task of participating in a game of ‘hide and seek!’


Recycling Assembly

The class were fantastic yesterday at informing the school all about about recycling. They planned and delivered the whole assembly by themselves. It was great to see them talking so confidently and passionately.

The school was shocked to find out that our paper towels could not be recycled. We have decided to look into different paper towels. Many children across the school are keen to form a recycling group in September to help improve the school even further.

Week beginning 9th July

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would update you for the following week.

Monday – Year 2 PE

No OWL for Year 1 today. They will remain with me in the class.

At 2:45 the Year 2’s will go to meet Mr D and have a story (transition)

Year 1’s will remain with me but the Hedgehogs will join us (transition)

Wednesday – Year 1 will be going to the woods with Hedgehogs class to start a project in our new site, which will be continuing in September as my new class. They will be going with Mrs Shoubridge. I will remain in school with the Year 2’s, they won’t be disappointed by what we are doing!!!

I think that is everything! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Evening everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that tomorrow and Thursday morning I am out on a course. I will be back in school on Thursday lunchtime. Monica Ross will be teaching the class with Nadia Tennant supporting. I told the class today and they were very excited to be having Monica. If you have any questions over the next couple of days, please feel free to e-mail me and I will get back to you.

Thank  you very much 🙂