Week beginning 26th March


Homework – Just to let you know I didn’t set any homework on Friday (23rd) I thought the class deserved a break! I am planning to set homework for over the holidays. I would like the class to find out about animals that can be found in the rainforest. This is to prepare them for our new topic – rainforests. The class will receive information about this on Wednesday.

Spellings – Due to breaking up on Thursday I will be testing the children on their spellings on Thursday. No spellings will be set over the holidays.

Monday – I am not in tomorrow as I am on a course. Sarah and James are taking the class. Year 2 = OWL and Year 1 = PE.

Tuesday – Think this is a normal day!!

Wednesday – VIDEO LAUNCH!! We are very excited to have you in on Wednesday morning. Below are the details.

Please come to the hall once you have dropped your child off (use Badgers or Kestrels entrance). Once in the hall there will be a signing in form. Then take a seat.

I will register the children, then we will come into the hall to meet you. We will try to be quick!

We hope to start by 9:10. The class will show theirĀ videos and then there will be time to look at some of the other things we have been doing this term. I think it will be a total of about 45mins to an hour.

Thursday – PM: EASTER SERVICE up at the church. Starts at 2pm. If anyone can help us to walk up we will be very grateful. We will set off about 1:20.

Due to walking up to the Church, the children do not need to bring in their book bags. I will make sure that the children have changed their books during the day on Wednesday. I will also encourage the children to bring PE kits home as soon as they can.

Thank you,



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