Week beginning 22nd January

Afternoon everyone,

Maths: this is our last week on money. We are using our knowledge of subtraction to find change from a given amount.

English: Continuing with their alien stories. In small groups the children will be working with me to edit and improve their first draft.

Science: We will be matching a science investigation that happened in space in order to find out what a plant needs to survive.

Monday: Year 2 will have OWL tomorrow and Year 1 PE. If the weather tomorrow is very wet, I will not take the Year 2’s to the woods as I don’t want them getting colds. We can easily do the OWL activity in school.

Tuesday: I am not in for the day. James and Sarah will be teaching in the morning and James will be doing RE and Music in the afternoon like usual.

I think the rest of the week is as usual. Please can the children have their PE kits in school on Friday.

I have placed this weeks spellings on the BLOG. The research homework I sent home on Friday is for two weeks. This will give the children time to do the research and think of an interesting way to present their facts so it can be used for display.

Thank you very much for your support,

See you all tomorrow,



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