Mufti tomorrow!

Mufti tomorrow, please bring in some chocolate for the Christmas fair. Thank you


Church tomorrow!


Just a quick reminder we are up at the church again tomorrow morning. If anyone can help with walking back, please let me know in the morning.

Thank you 🙂

Week beginning 27th November

Evening everyone,

I just thought I would let you all know what is happening next week.

English: All the children are now in groups and are researching their project. It is either Diwali, Christmas, Guy Fawkes or Hanukkah. The class have decided they want to create a museum in the classroom for you all to visit at the end of term.  However, before that can happen the class need to find out more information about their festival or celebration. This weeks homework is to find out some facts for their project. The class know that the best way to write facts is by reading a section of information and then writing down anything they can remember. Therefore, I am not expecting pages and pages of information. It needs to be meaningful to them. Thank you in advance for your support with this. Therefore, this week in English the children will continue to work on their own projects.

Aside from this, I am teaching Year 2 how to use ‘commas in a list’ as part of their grammar lessons.

Maths: I have seen an improvement in the children’s times tables knowledge, thank you again for supporting with this at home. We are now moving onto division.  Year 1 will use multilink to ‘share’ whereas Year 2 will be using repeated subtraction.

Art: My art lesson last week did not quite go to plan so we will being having another go! This time we will be in smaller groups because paint went everywhere last week!!

Mon – Year 2 PE and Year 1 OWL.

Wed and Thurs – Foxes and Hedgehogs up the church in the morning. If anyone can help with the walk back please let me know. Wed is also the flu jab.

Fri – Mufti in exchange for bringing in some chocolate for the Christmas Fair.

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂



Week beginning 20th November


I am just organising the classroom for next week and thought I would update my blog at the same time.

English – this week has been anti-bullying week so we have been looking at friendship as a theme in our classroom. We have started writing a friendship recipe poem so we will be completing these next week. Year 2 will be revisiting time conjunctions and learn the term ‘imperative verbs’ (bossy words) which will be used in their poems. I will also be teaching Year 2 about exclamation sentences during one of the afternoons.

Later in the week, the class will be working in groups on a research project. I won’t say anymore for now as I want it to be a surprise for the class.

Maths – We are continuing with multiplication. We had a fun lesson today out on the playground playing games which will help us to either count in 2’s 5’s or 10’s (Year 1) and giving each other the above times table calculations (year 2). A few Year 2’s were playing games that involved their 3 times tables. We will be continuing with learning the above for next week.

Art – On Tuesday morning we will be learning about abstract art and having a go at creating some of our own. Year 2 had an interesting art lesson yesterday with Ms Overton  which lead to them making different shades of dark colours and looking at the effects on white and black paper. Ms Overton and I have planned a lesson together to allow us to develop the children’s curiosity and creativeness further. This will be with all of the class.

As well as the above we will be starting our preparations for Christmas!! The children will be choosing their Christmas performance parts and we will have our first rehearsal up in the church. WEDNESDAY 22nd On this day, please drop your child up at the church. Please see letter that was emailed out today and I have added it to the ‘letter’ section on my website.

Homework today was a piece of maths, every child received their homework. Please see me if it has walked once they left the classroom! Just to remind you, that homework is due in on a Wednesday. This allows me time to discuss the homework with the children and mark it. Thank you.

I have also added the new spellings to the website as well.

I think that is everything. If I think of anything else over the weekend I will update you.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Gemma 🙂

Christmas rehearsal letter

Just to let you know I have placed the Christmas Rehearsal letter in the ‘letter’ section of my website.

At the beginning of next week the children will all be meeting to find out what the performance is going to be about. We will then send home an additional letter explaining the part your child is going to be.

Thank you

Year 1 OWL – Party Hats

The class are enjoying having a role play birthday party area in the classroom. Therefore, we thought we should have party hats when we are sitting down for all the yummy party food. We went for a walk through the woods collecting different coloured leaves, sticks and nuts to decorate our hats. Once we had returned to class we made our hats.