Making bridges!

Today the class had a competition to see who could build a bridge out of different types of paper and card. The bridge had to be free standing and hold a toy car for one minute. Some were more successful than others!


Week beginning 15th May


Tomorrow is the start of SAT’s week for the Year 2’s. To the children they know it as ‘booklet’ week! When I mentioned this to them on Friday I got a cheer! šŸ™‚ There is nothing to worry about for the SAT’s. I have just explained that it is a chance for the childrenĀ to show me what they have learnt throughout the year. The children can take as long as they want to complete a paper so do not have any time pressure.


Year 2 will have two papers tomorrow: Maths arithmetic and the GPAS.

The Year 1’s tomorrow morning will be with Sarah Hale. They will be following their usual routine but will be based in the studio.

In the afternoon both year groups will have PE. There is no OWL as someone is coming into work with Mike and the children.


Year 2 will be having the Maths reasoning paper. Sarah and I can read the questions to the children.

Year 1 will be with Viki Shoubridge as Sarah Hale will be supporting the Year 2.

Hopefully, Year 2 will finish their maths booklet before playtime, so art (aboriginal) is planned for the rest of the morning with the whole class.

In the afternoon Brad is taking the class, the children will be having PE.


Year 2 have the easier reading paper. Again Sarah will be supporting Year 2.

Year 1 are going to Viki Shoubridge.

Once the tests are completed the children will enjoy the rest of the day doing art.


Same as yesterday but Year 2 have a slightly harder reading paper. They all completed last years harder SAT’s paper last term and the children completed it confidently. Therefore, the children should be fine with it. I am obviously not telling them it is harder as I don’t want any of them to worry.


Today’s paper is the spelling test. It will be over quite quickly.

Year 1 will be with Sarah.

We will all then finish off ourĀ artĀ from the week.

Just to remind everyone that on Friday, the whole class have their spelling test from the words they were given nearly 2 weeks ago. Year 1 have had their words to learn through handwriting practise for this weeks homework.

I am not planning on sending any homework for either year groups on Friday as I think they are all entitled to a week off.

Hope this all makes sense, any questions please come and see me.

Thanks šŸ™‚


Week beginning 8th May

Evening everyone,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

This week in English we are continuing to research into The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Uluru. The children are working in small groups to research one of the landmarks and then share their facts with another group.

In Maths the theme is money. The children will continue to demonstrate their knowledge of addition and subtraction.

In Science we will be looking at habitats.

Monday afternoon = Year 2 OWL and Year 1 PE.

Tuesday afternoon = PE for everyone.

Year 1 parents: Just to let you know that next week (week beginning 15th May)Ā it is the Year 2’s SAT’s week. Year 2 will be having a different SAT’s paper each morning. During this time the Year 1’s will either be with Sarah Hale or Viki Shoubridge. As soon as the Year 2’s have finished their paper the Year 1’s will be able to return to class. For the rest of the day theĀ class will be having less structure and enjoying more foundation lessons – science and art. If you have any questions please come and see me.

Enjoy your evening,