Mr Hale visited us!

Today Mr Hale popped in to see us, as he is a gardener. We asked him questions about his job and looked at some of the tools he uses in the gardens. We found it interesting when he showed us different tree stumps. We counted the rings to find out how old the tree was when it was cut down.



Yesterday we made Pizza Muffins. We enjoyed weighing out the ingredients and stirring the mixture. We also tasted pepperoni and smelt the herbs.

Wilderness Wood

We had such a wonderful time today. The weather was windy (which blew up lots of dust that poor Archie experienced) but it remained dry and luckily we all had our wellies/old trainers to tackle the muddy paths. We LOVED the mud kitchen and the teachers have stolen lots of ideas to create in our woods! We had stories in the teepee and the story circle, we went on woodland walks on the secret garden trail as well as building teddy dens in the woods…….not forgetting the coach trip and our lunch, which most of the children said was their favourite part of the day!!! We luncheon’ed’ together and had a group al fresco snack time but a few of the Foxes kindly joined Mrs Shoubridge to work with her younger children. We renamed ourselves Foxhogs for the day! When we disembarked the coach virtually every child thanked our driver, Dave and he commented on how polite, friendly and sensible our children are. We are so proud of you all. Thank you team Danehill!!

Week beginning 19th March

Good morning, hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

English – This week the children will be planning and writing a diary entry about finding an animal in a strange place. This is based on the text ‘A tiger in the garden’ that the children found last week in our school garden!

Maths – This week is multiplication for Year 1 and a mixture of multiplication and division word problems for Year 2. Year 1 will be using the vocabulary ‘groups of’ and have the support of multilink to help them. Year 2 will be solving a mixture of one step and two step word problems which will be similar to what they will find in their SAT’s.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting their child with learning their tables at home, the children are becoming much more confident 🙂

This week in the afternoons is slightly different. Monday is normal, Year 1 will be having OWL, we plan to go on a mini-beast hunt then linking this to multiplication. e.g. If I found two spiders, how many legs would there be in total.

Tuesday pm – Judith Rae will be teaching the class – Music and RE.

Wednesday pm – Mr Falconer is teaching the class, I think I will be leaving Science for him to teach.

Thursday all day – The children will be going to Wilderness Woods for the day.

Friday – I don’t think anything different is happening!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.