Week beginning the 21st November


Maths – We are continuing with multiplication.

English – This week we will be learning about newspaper reports in preparation for writing our own newspaper article about The Great Fire of London.

Science – we will be looking at changing state.

Reminder – Tomorrow is Year 2 OWL. However, I am going to be monitoring the weather right up until we go. I will not take the children if I think it is too windy or too wet. They will share PE with Year 1. Therefore, can they please have PE and OWL kits in school just in case! Thanks.

Wed and Thurs morning we are up at the church again.

See you tomorrow 🙂




Week beginning 14th November


Maths – This week we are starting to look at multiplication. Year 1 will learn to use multilink and repeated addition to solve multiplication calculations. e.g. 3 x 2 = 2 + 2 + 2. Year 2 will be using arrays to find the answers to their calculations.

English – The children will be pretending they are a witness during ‘The Great Fire of London’. They will write descriptive sentences using their five senses.

This week is anti-bullying week so the class will be writing a friendship poem.


No OWL this week as I am on a course tomorrow afternoon. Mr Falconer will be covering the class. Both Year groups will have PE with Mike during the afternoon.

Wed and Thurs morning we are starting our rehearsals for the Christmas play up at the church. Please drop the children at the church, myself and Mrs Shoubridge will be there to meet you.

Thank you,

See you tomorrow 🙂


Week beginning 7th November

Good evening,

Maths – This week we are continuing to look at time. Both year groups really impressed me last week with how quickly they learnt o’clock (year 1) and quarter past/to (Year 2). They are able to recognise the times on an analogue clock as well as draw the hands in the correct place on a blank clock. Last week Year 1 made a start at recognising half past times which they will be continuing with this week. Year 2 are looking at digital times for o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to, as well as solving word problems.

English – The beginning part will be rehearsing our Remembrance assembly. (Wednesday 9th November 2:45pm). The second part of the week we will be reading a Great Fire of London text to develop our knowledge of the topic.

On Tuesday at 9:15 – 10:15 we have a visit from a firefighter to discuss fire safety.

Tomorrow is Year 1 OWL and Year 2 have PE with Mike.

Have a good evening, see you all tomorrow.