Year 2 Smoothie making!

We have had a great afternoon making smoothies. Each pair chose their fruit and choice of fruit juice. It was lovely to see many of the children wanting to ty each others smoothies.





Weekly update

Week beginning 26th September


This week we are looking at addition. We will start by looking at the addition sign and thinking of other words that mean the same thing such as plus, altogether, total, count on etc.

Year 1 will spend the first part of the week making number bonds to 10 or 20. We will be using resources this week to help them find the missing boxes. e.g. 5 + ? = 20.  However, there is a requirement that Year 1 by the end of the year should have quick mental recall of all number facts to 20. Please help your child throughout the year with this. For the later part of the week we will look at odd and even numbers and doubling/halving.

Year 2 will start with an investigation on Monday identifying all the number facts for any number between 11-20. They will then move onto odd and even numbers and doubling/halving like Year 1 but with larger numbers.

In English we are looking at instructional texts as well as rehearsing for our class assembly.

Class assembly = Wednesday 5th October. I will send a letter home later in the week to remind you all.

Just to remind you that OWL starts tomorrow for Year 2. Please can they have appropriate clothing and shoes in their named OWL bags. Year 1 will be having PE with Mike during this time.

See you all tomorrow 🙂


Weekly update

Week beginning 19th September.

Where has the time gone? I can’t believe we are going into week 3!

Maths – We are continuing with our place value topic. Year 1 are going to be counting in 2,5 and 10’s and Year 2 are counting in 3’s. For the later part of the week, we are linking ‘The Lighhouse Keeper’s Lunch’ book to our Maths lesson. We will be creating tally charts based on our favourite sandwich fillings. Year 1 will then use this information to make a picturegram whereas Year 2 will be creating a bar chart.

English – Last week Year 1 was learning about adjectives and Year 2 expanded noun phrases. Both year groups will be using their knowledge to write sentences about the ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ story. Year 1 will also be learning about question marks and use hot seating to imagine themselves as a character from the story.

Just a reminder that on Monday afternoon Mike is in to teach PE to both year groups.

Tuesday morning  – Year 1 parents are welcome to bring their child in to class to come and see the classroom.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂