Ok it’s too exciting to keep it quiet any longer …

We are working on a documentary about saving the toads from James’ swimming pool!

This week we’ve written scripts where the children interview each other as toad experts.  On Friday we rehearsed and filmed these, learning how to project our voices, and not be nervous in front of a camera.

We’ve been exploring ways to stop the toads getting into the pool, and ways to help them get out.  The children realised their ideas fell under two headings:  preventative – a toad city with things toads like so they won’t want to go in the pool; and restorative – some sort of ladder or ramp to help the toads escape if they do get in.

We split into two groups to research what materials to use for this, the first group feeding back to the next what they’d discovered.  From this they defined new areas of research – such as how different materials can be joined together – which the next group then explored.  This was a good example of the sort of deep collaboration that goes on in the real world.  The children are very alive about working in this way.

The children have been practising their shop-keeping skills in anticipation of running a small snack stall at the premiere of the documentary.  All the children excelled at this and have been given certificates by Camilla.  Thursday was Forest School with Bea and Monica, with Art projects in the afternoon.

We have a big ongoing focus on writing and reading, with a session of each every day.  We’re making sure to sit with every child for both writing and reading at least once a week, and to track their progress and identify specific areas needing input.  We’re very keen for all the children to achieve a high level of literacy by the time they go up to Badgers; and the more you can do informally with them at home, to build enjoyment and stamina, the better: reading favourite stories, writing letters; cards; notes; diaries etc for pleasure and without worrying too much about accuracy (we’ll work on that at school!).

Next week they’ll continue their work on the toad ladders / toad city, build up their film company and start to block together the documentary.  If you have time over the weekend please invite your child to watch a documentary.  They could identify elements that make it work well (music, narration, camera angles!).

Don’t forget: Monday is Sports Day.  Send your child in in PE kit with a lunch and water bottle.

Tuesday afternoon they’ll be doing PE with Pedro.  Thursday is Forest School with Monica and Bea.  The other days the class will be led by Lizzie, with Camilla and James.

Have a great weekend.  See you Monday.


Multiskills cancelled

I’m afraid that, due to the forecast of poor weather, the Multiskills event that was due to take place tomorrow, has been cancelled.  My understanding is that this won’t now be re-scheduled this term.  Please tell the children that I’m sorry if this is disappointing.

See you next week!

Just a quick note to let you know that I will not be in school working with foxes on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week.  I have a minor operation which will take me out of action for a couple of days and then I’m on a course on Friday.  The children will be working with James, Pedro and our wonderful student Camilla (and supported by Viki, Debbie or Steve if needs be).


This week

I haven’t worked out how to access the other tabs on this blog so for now I’ll just use the home page.  Here’s a summary of the week including a few requests and an idea of homework.

It’s been a busy old time in Foxes this week.  The children have been thinking more about the serious toad problem that we discovered in James’ garden and have been busy mapping the area in order to think more about how to help.  We plan next week to get stuck in to some toad rescue design work.  We’ve researched a series of questions that have arisen about toads and also done some computer programming in case we can use a robot to help us!

As you know the children have also been to the woods for their first Thursday session with Bea and Monica.  This has made for some interesting links with what they children have also been learning about the Aboriginal people.  We could do with another adult helper if anyone is free on a Thursday morning. 

We’ve also started reading the ‘Secret Garden’ (and watching a film version of it too).  This has stimulated some wonderful story writing which we’ve been busy working on through the week.  We’ve also been writing letters to a documentary maker (I’m afraid the reason for that is at present top secret), and writing in our own diaries.

The children have been enjoying PE sessions with Pedro on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon.   Lots of them don’t seem to have their PE kits though so your help with that would be great.

The children have been impressing Viki with how well they have learnt their sounds since they were in Hedgehogs, and we’ve been obsessing over such things as split digraphs (ask the kids – they’re the experts!).  We’ve decided that by the end of the term we’d all like to be able to read and write a list of common exception words – words that don’t behave themselves and follow the normal rules. If you could help the children work on these at home that would be really great.  Here are the a, b, c words!

after, again, any, are, ask

bath, beautiful, because, behind, both, break, busy

child, class, climb, clothes, cold, come, could



We’re off to the woods tomorrow!

Please remember that Foxes will be heading to the woods in the morning tomorrow (Friday).  They can come to school in their own clothes but please ensure that they have a coat and waterproof footwear in case it’s raining.

From next week the children will go to the woods every Thursday morning with Monica, Pedro and Bea.

We might be heading out!

Please don’t mention this to the kids (who don’t know yet) but we have a plan to head out to resolve a problem with some local toads tomorrow!  Please make sure you send them in with warm and waterproof clothes in case we get more rain. We will also be having a woods session with So Sussex on Friday morning so please also send the children in with their own warm clothes for that.